Creamy Cheesy Sausage Risotto


– 2 cups Arborio Rice – 4 Italian Hot Sausage – 1 shallot – 1 cup Pecorino Cheese – 3 Tbsp. Butter, unsalted – 1/2 cup White Wine – 6 cups Chicken Stock – 5 Tbsp. Marinara sauce – Salt and Black Pepper – Extra Virgin Olive Oil

by Pasquale Sciarappa

1. Begin by cooking the sausage in olive oil over medium heat.  2. Add in the shallot and fry for about a minute. 3. Add in the arborio rice and stir until fully coated with the shallot and sausage mix.



4. Pour in the white wine.                         5. Add in the marinara                             sauce and mix together.

Spicy Sausage Risotto

Adding the broth


Start off by adding three ladles of chicken stock into the rice and sausage skillet, allowing the rice to absorb the broth, stirring often. Once absorbed, add two more ladles of the broth. This is a slow cooking process that requires small amounts of broth to be added while stirring often to ensure that the rice does not stick to the skillet or burn. Continue until you notice the rice is soft and cooked through.


7. After adding the last ladles of chicken stock, also add in the butter and mix until melted.


Add in the pecorino cheese. Mix thoroughly until the cheese is all melted and the risotto is creamy.



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